50 Random Gadgets We Love

The odd, the special, the random things you didnt know you required! Here at LIY, its clear we go shopping like its our job. And when you spend as much time browsing the web as we do, you discover some lovely random and sometimes, straight-up strange products. Our curiosity tends to get the very best of us, however these ends and chances have in fact turned into a few of our cant- live-without must haves. They might be a little strange, however they certainly make life much easier and more enjoyable. Seriously, they think about everything nowadays! Without more ado, here are 50+ Random Gadgets We Love.

PS. the bulk of these products are available on Amazon– thanks to my primary man, Jeff! If youre an Amazon die-hard, make certain to join our LIY Finds & & Fails group for all of our preferred Amazon Finds + a few fails! Now lets enter it!

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1. It fits in your hand completely and slices through any tape in a breeze!

2. Time Management Cube– Who understood an under $15 timer could change my life? I leave this on the kitchen counter and turn it approximately whatever time increment Im wanting and let it count down while I get concentrated on a task at hand!.

3. Electric Lighter– If youre presently consuming lighters and are tired of purchasing more, buy this. You just charge it via USB and have a lighter whenever you require one!.

4. Garlic Rocker– Tired of having your hands smell like garlic for days after chopping a clove or 2? Simply rock this little gadget back and forth over a clove of garlic and it will be minced within seconds– no touching necessary!.

5., or to put on when you have a headache for relief!

6. Meat Masher– This kitchen gizmo is an absolute must. It mashes meat into small pieces within minutes, however also is excellent for other usages as well: mashed potatoes being another favorite of mine!

Store Erins Must-Haves:.

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1. Turbie Twist– This microfiber hair towel majorly minimizes my blow drying time. It stays near to my head, so its easy to wear while getting dressed and dries my hair while I get all set.

2. Avocado Tool– We eat a great deal of avocados in our house, and this tool makes preparing one easy and safe! Use the knife side to open, the center to remove the seed, and the slicing side to dig the excellent stuff in seconds! I toss it in the dishwashing machine and its prepared to go for next time!

3. Magnetic Cabinet Locks– Childproofing without the eye sore! We love our magnetic cabinet locks! They are simple to utilize, very reliable and the very best part, totally concealed!

4. Painless Hair Remover– Chin hairs and peach fuzz be gone with this little gizmo! It takes just a few minutes to run this thing over my face, but I am constantly surprised at just how much it gets rid of!

5. Nose Frida– This odd little gadget is a moms buddy! It assists my daughter breath any and each time she gets a cold, and even conserved us a journey to the E.R. one time when she stuck a raisin up in her nose!

6. Shower Door Squeegee– We have among these in each of our showers. It keeps our glass doors looking great in between washes and I love the basic and contemporary all matte black look!

7. Rocker Pizza Cutter– Cutting pizza is an entire lot much easier and faster with this rocker style cutter! Keeps all your toppings right where you desire them– on the top!

Shop Beccas Must-Haves:.

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Electric Kettle with Adjustable Temperature– This electrical kettle is quite potentially the most pre-owned appliance in our house. This one is specifically fantastic since it has temperature level choices, making it simple to heat water that is simply right for my kids hot chocolate, or my piping hot tea.

2. Broom Holder– This broom holder has actually made all the difference in company of our small utility room!

3. Squatty Potty– I think you can figure out what this makes much easier– Im just here to inform you it works!.

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen System– The variety of times Ive been in between strolling out the door without any breakfast, or making a smoothie with this is far too many to count. All of the parts are dishwashing machine safe, and its also fantastic for mixing dough, making guacamole or large pitchers of frappes and shakes.

5. Lego Separator– I might have been among the last to discover these useful Lego separators, but in case you didnt know the existed– these will save your fingertips (and lets be truthful, teeth)!

6. Apple Corer– An option to the standard apple corer, this one is used in my home just as regularly if not more. The most regular use is to eliminate the core of an apple and put peanut butter inside the hole for a fun and healthy treat for my kids.

7. Pull Down Spice Rack– This spice rack has made accessing the spices I need at the time SO much easier! Perk– Im brief and this brings them down to my eye level!

8. Hairpin– Switching to these clips from a normal hair tie has actually made straightening and drying or curling my hair seem so much quicker..

Store Stephs Must-Haves:.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5.

1. Driveway Sensor– We have a longer driveway and we installed this quickly after we moved in. It informs us each time somebody drives past the sensor, letting us know somebody [normally a delivery, ha!] is here! The only failure is if a deer or other animal is playing or consuming right there, it will go off over and over [and over] and after that we disconnect it for a bit!.

2. Moving Appliance Tray– I put this under my coffee machine to move it out towards the edge when were brewing, and tuck it back versus the wall under the cabinets when were not!

3. Sunset To Dawn Light Bulbs– These light bulbs spot light, and will instantly switch on at sunset when there is no more light, and will switch off in the AM when the daylight is back! We have them in the lights next to the garage, and now theres no more forgetting to turn them on and off!

Wine Vacuum Preserver– I learned about these when I worked in a restaurant and have had them at my own house ever because! If youre not going to be completing the bottle of wine, its essential to suck the air out of the bottle to keep it fresh for the next time, and with a few pumps of this, it draws the air right out!

5. This keeps my handbag from falling onto the flooring during a sharp turn or when I have to break quickly!

Store Laurens Must-Haves:.

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1. Portable Phone Charger– I like utilizing this portable battery charger when Im not by my wall battery charger. Its perfect for long days of traveling..

2. I enjoy cozying up with it on the sofa or putting it on my feet for additional heat.

Sous Vide– The finest way to cook meat is with this sous vide! Its easy to use and holds temperature level so you never have to over cook your meat again.

5. Electric Hand Warmer– My hands are ALWAYS cold. When were out and about I take out this little device for an easy method to quickly warm them up.

4. Chicken Coop Heater– A perfect way to include a little heat to the girls coop throughout these cold weather.

Sous Vide– The best way to cook meat is with this sous vide! Its easy to utilize and holds temperature so you never have to over cook your meat once again.

Store Macys Must-Haves:.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7.

1. Pill Pocket Dog Treats: We have actually been having to give our canine some medication recently and needless to say it was a little hard to deceive him into taking them I offered these a try and they work SO well. He takes tablets extremely easy now, which also makes my life easier!.

2. Cell Phone Stand: Whether you are viewing a YouTube video, developing your own, or FaceTiming your best buddy. This little gizmo makes it so easy for all your requirements and keeps you hands totally free!

3. Wine Carafe: Serve and keep your red wine in design (while enhancing the taste!).

4. Wine Aerator: Wine enthusiasts, this is a tool you never understood you needed! An aerator enables for the red wine to breathe immediately by mixing the ideal quantity of air.

5. Electric Candle Lighter: Never fret about something not lighting in the wind or lacking juice due to the fact that this child is RECHARGEABLE.

6. Inverted Umbrella: This closes the opposite method of the conventional umbrella, making the leading the inside, and keeping you & & your favorite jeans/car/everything nice and dry!.

7. Bob A Lot Dog Toy: Huskies need a great deal of psychological stimulation so this “Bob-A-Lot” toy has actually been fantastic for him to play while he eats! I put his food morning & & night in here and simply let him go to town He appears to enjoy it !!

Shop Katys Must-Haves:.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5.

1. Makeup Eraser– Youve probably heard us discuss this fancy wash cloth prior to! I utilize this in location of disposable makeup wipes. It removes all makeup [even water resistant eyemakeup!] utilizing just warm water. Machine wash and use once again!

2. Electric Corkscrew– If youre a red wine drinker, you require an electric corkscrew in your life. The days of battling with bottle screw and persistent corks are over. When I state I use this every. single. day.– I mean it. Cheers!

3. Tinkle Face Razors– I am fortunate sufficient to have actually been talented with an extremely hairy face. With one usage of these, my face [and neck] is hairless in minutes! Reward: it makes your makeup go on so much smoother!

4. Vegetable Chopper– I know that a veggie chopper isnt breakthrough by any methods, however its brand-new to me and now I refuse to go back to chopping onions by hand again! Worth every cent.

5. Smart Facial Cleansing Brush– I know this device is on the “spend” side, however I use it several times a week or anytime I require a deep, exfoliating clean. It vibrates to let you know when to be finished with each area of your face [ kind of like a kidss tooth brush;-RRB-] and links to an app to analyze your personal skin type and develop a tailored cleansing routine for your skin! Super cool!

Shop Claires Must-Haves:


1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6.

Well, things were a little various back then and it has left us with a pretty dark kitchen area! Insert these under cabinet lights, and … LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Watermark Remover: Used these wipes to clean up a couple of watermarks on a wood table that I found on Facebook Marketplace! I will state it didnt FULLY remove spots however it made it look so much better!

3. Ring Sizer: This is such a ridiculous purchase, but honestly it has currently can be found in useful [pun planned!] I am always attempting to include to my ring collection, yet in some way I had no concept what size I wear! I was tired of guesstimating and finally simply bought this sizer! No regrets..

4. Electric Milk Frother: My quality of life certainly enhanced after this purchase.

5. I purchase these mats to place under their bowls and it makes clean up so much simpler!

6. Fabric Shaver: This little child has actually kept my furniture looking fresh! Goodbye pilling!

Residing in Yellow is a life + style brand name that supplies an enjoyable space for girlfriends to feel and collect empowered through real talk and obtainable style.

Store Cassidys Must-Haves:.

They might be a little unusual, however they definitely make life easier and more pleasurable. Avocado Tool– We consume a lot of avocados in our house, and this tool makes preparing one easy and safe! Pull Down Spice Rack– This spice rack has actually made accessing the spices I need at the time SO much easier! Reward: it makes your makeup go on so much smoother!

I purchase these mats to put under their bowls and it makes tidy up so much simpler!

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