Alex Jones and Donald Trump: A Fateful Alliance Draws Scrutiny

For Jan. 6, Mr. Jones helped protect at least $650,000 from a Publix grocery-store heiress, Julie Fancelli, an Infowars fan, to finance Mr. Trumps rally on the Ellipse the morning of the attack, $200,000 of which was deposited into one of Mr. Joness company accounts, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack said. Questioned by the panel this year, Mr. Jones invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination more than 100 times, and is attempting to obstruct the committees need for records in court.Whatever the result of the Jan. 6 examination, Mr. Joness journey from Sandy Hook to the assault on the Capitol is a reflection of how conspiracy theories in the United States have metastasized and rusted public discourse in the digital age. A defender of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and a former routine on RT, the Kremlin-funded global tv outlet, Mr. Jones espoused such extreme views of American democratic society– he has actually cast airport security screenings as a plot to usurp Americans liberties– that in 2011 RT stopped welcoming him on air.But after Mr. Trump appeared live in an interview on Infowars website in December 2015, Mr. Jones traveled from the fringes to end up being part of a freshly radicalized Republican Party.

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