Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

When I was more youthful, I was always an Ohio State fan and when I did get accepted I practically understood that I was gon na go to Ohio State but the big thing was what major I was gon na do, so I chose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences because of all the opportunities the major had the ability to offer me. I would describe the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences as more of an introduction of the health care system. In general, you get to see how everything kind of fits so that the healthcare system can offer the very best care to the patients. The conventional journey with the science courses doesn'' t actually offer a within look into healthcare and what you'' re going into in the future. Truly, what was best for me was seeing all the opportunities that I didn'' t even understand was out there in health care and just type of checking out all the different locations the integrative health and health, which is my minor within the program, taught me, you understand, about an enthusiasm that I seem like I would have never understood that I had if I hadn'' t been in this program and introduced to it', and that ' s something I plan on implementing in my future. This major particularly gets you used to how you have to study in med school. A lot of the information exists online. I felt that I was still getting a really high quality education through these online courses, so I even talked with some of my buddies who were taking the in-class portions of these lectures, and they had the exact same lectures numerous times in addition to whenever they'' re constantly getting the very same details and we understood the very same subject, so we could easily speak about it, and this was very encouraging for me to understand that I was getting the same education online as my classmates were getting in person. My favorite part of the health sciences program has truly been individuals I'' ve encountered along the method, students who have actually become my good friends, professors who have actually become my coaches and have actually made an influence on me that I understand will go far beyond my undergraduate career. The resources that have actually been supplied to me– they stretch above and beyond– if you require assist it'' s constantly there for you, and I seem like it'' s a family, health sciences. You belong; you'' re part of a household, and I feel like that'' s the best sensation