Bulgogi Deopbap (Bulgogi Rice Bowl)

Bulgogi Deopbap (Bulgogi Rice Bowl).

Bulgogi Deopbap (Bulgogi Rice Bowl)

This dish was initially posted in December 2011. Ive updated it here with more information, new pictures, and small modifications to the dish..

Bulgogi Deopbap (Bulgogi Rice Bowl)

How to make a bulgogi rice bowl.
When you prepare bulgogi, it will naturally release some delicious sauce. Attempt not to prepare it off by decreasing the heat..
I add a bit more sauce when preparing the marinaded meat, depending upon how much sauce you desire blended in your rice. Anchovy broth or dasima broth is fantastic for that extra sauce, however you can likewise use beef broth or merely use water. Make sure to season the broth not to dilute the seasoning of the meat.
When the rice soaks up that tasty and slightly sweet sauce from the bulgogi, its exceptionally tasty!
You can use the exact same principle to make deopbap with dak bulgogi (chicken) or jeyuk bokkeum ( spicy pork bulgogi)..

Bulgogi Deopbap (Bulgogi Rice Bowl)

Veggie choices.
You can include some of your favorite veggies while cooking bulgogi and make it a completely well balanced meal. I included mushrooms and carrots in the recipe. Bok choy is another favorite of mine. Green cabbage, chili peppers, broccoli, bell peppers are all great choices.

Bulgogi Deopbap (Bulgogi Rice Bowl)

What is deopbap?
Actually suggesting “covered rice,” deopbap (덮밥) generally is a bowl of rice topped with some sort of topping. Its a casual one-dish meal that can be prepared with any meals or active ingredients that are delighted in with rice. The full name of the meal is identified based on the main topping, such as ojingeo (squid) doepbap, dubu (tofu) deopbap, jeyuk (spicy pork) deopbap, and so on.
As is the case in lots of other Asian foods, there are lots of types of rice bowls in Korea. Bibimbap is similar in concept, i.e., toppings on a bowl of rice, but it gets the name from the way its consumed– blending everything with a sauce..
While there are exceptions, doepbap generally is a rice bowl type where a bit of saucy toppings is consumed with a spoonful of rice without being completely blended like bibimbap..
Bulgogi deopbap is a common deopbap meal in Korea. This recipe has a complete bulgogi dish, but you can easily make this with leftover bulgogi merely by including more veggies and sauce for a well balanced one-dish meal.

Literally meaning “covered rice,” deopbap (덮밥) generally is a bowl of rice topped with some sort of topping. Its a casual one-dish meal that can be prepared with any dishes or ingredients that are taken pleasure in with rice. You can add some of your preferred vegetables while cooking bulgogi and make it a perfectly well balanced meal. #wprm- recipe-user-rating-0. Pre-sliced bulgogi meat is sold at Korean markets.

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Pre-sliced bulgogi meat is cost Korean markets. Pay a little bit more to get great quality meat. Partly freeze for about an hour to firm it up for easier slicing if cutting the beef at home. Cut across the grain into about ⅛ – inch thick pieces.
Bok choy, green cabbage, chili peppers, broccoli, and bell peppers are all good options too.

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Published 12/02/2022 Upgraded 12/02/2022.
This bulgogi rice bowl is a simple one-dish meal! The dish adds extra veggies and sauce to make it a well balanced one-dish meal.

Preparation Time: 20 minutesCook Time: 10 minutes23 minutes.
Servings: 4.
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