Coconut Macaroons

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Coconut Macaroons

Attention, coconut enthusiasts! These cookies are for you: dainty mounds of sweet coconut, gently toasted on the edges, with a decadent chocolate finishing. Classic macaroons are special, easy to prepare, and universally popular.

Coconut Macaroons

In addition to being delicious, macaroons are rather substantial and rewarding. Unlike many cookies, you can really stop at one. Take that, Oreo cookies!

Coconut macaroons are a fairly healthy choice when it concerns cookies. Each good-sized macaroon, with a chocolate covering, is just 139 calories.

Why youll enjoy it: This is a really simple cookie with a short ingredient list. If you enjoy Mounds candy bars, youll love macaroons.
The length of time it takes: 45 minutesEquipment youll require: blending bowl, baking pans, parchment paperServings: makes 2 dozen

Chewy and sweet coconut macaroons are simple to make and such a reward! Gown them up with a finish of rich semi-sweet chocolate.

Is Coconut Good For You?

We evaluated this dish a couple of times to make certain it ends up completely for you. Our very first attempts were less than amazing so we fine-tuned the dish up until it was ideal. Sometimes baking can be a challenge and my goal is to remove as numerous obstacles for you as possible.

The macaroons end up perfectly. The active ingredients are basic: coconut, flour, sugar, vanilla, egg. Coconut macaroons are tough and freeze well. Everybody seems to enjoy them (except for that individual who is a determined coconut hater, in which case, a chocolate chip cookie might be a better choice).

Parchment paper is specifically treated paper that is nonstick, grease-resistant, heat-proof, and microwave safe. It is offered in rolls or sheets, bleached (white) or unbleached (brown). It can be utilized for a range of kitchen jobs, from baking to presenting pastry.

This recipe is also dairy-free as long as you use dairy-free chocolate chips (there are numerous brands offered).

What Youll Need.

Sweetened Flaked Coconut: Purchase a 14 ounce bag of coconut. Coconut is the main active ingredient of these cookies so make certain the coconut is soft.egg and fresh Whites: Eggs act as the glue that sticks the coconut together. Utilizing only the egg whites ensures that the cookies will have a good white color. The eggs need to be at space temperature.Flour: Youll only require one-third cup of versatile flour. If you are sensitive to gluten but can manage a little bit, these cookies are a good choice.Sugar: Theres not a great deal of included sugar, just one-third cup, since the coconut is sweetened already.Pure Vanilla Extract: Vanilla bean paste can be substituted 1:1 if you like the small brown flecks of vanilla beans. Normally we suggest preventing replica vanilla. Its more economical however doesnt have the same taste as pure vanilla. For this recipe, if you want a super white look, you might choose for clear vanilla extract which is an imitation vanilla. If you desire to see the distinction, our process shots reveal pure vanilla extract and the last, baked shots reveal the recipe made with clear vanilla extract. Salt: Just a pinch of salt keeps the cookies from tasting bland. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips: The chocolate dip is optional but it actually looks and tastes fantastic. The chocolate/coconut combo is irresistible. Attempt drizzling the chocolate decoratively on the tops of the macaroons as an alternative to dipping them.

According to Healthline, both coconut meat and coconut oil have many health benefits. Coconuts grow on coconut palms and are in fact a fruit. They are high in saturated fat however its the type of fat that your body can process better. Coconuts contain powerful antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. Eaten in moderation, both coconut meat and oil can be a healthy part of your diet.

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Numerous macaroon dishes call for a can of sweetened condensed milk, which is condensed (vaporized) milk blended with a great deal of sugar, 185 grams of sugar per 12 ounce can. Considering that the coconut is sweetened currently, all that sugar appears like an overkill, so our dish replaces just 1/3 cup of granulated sugar, which is 67 grams.

About Parchment Paper.

About This Recipe.

If youre a fan of coconut, be sure to try coconut rice. My crispy coconut oatmeal cookies are quite incredible, too.

Is parchment paper the like waxed paper?

This is a common concern and the response is no. Waxed paper is covered with paraffin and is not heat-safe. The wax will melt and it may catch on fire in your oven or microwave.

How to make Macaroons.

Are you prepared to macaroon? Lets do the macaroon macarena dance! Why not do a little dancing while we bake?

Type the coconut mixture into evenly sized balls. I utilize a cookie dough scoop which holds about 2 tablespoons. Press the dough securely together to get a nice round shape.

If youre in a bit of a rush, you can refrigerate the macaroons. When the chocolate is firm to the touch, transfer the cookies to an airtight container.

Place the coconut balls on the baking sheets. They do not actually spread out so you can arrange them quite close together.

In a large mixing bowl, toss together the dry active ingredients. That suggests the coconut, flour, salt, and sugar.

Include the egg whites and vanilla to the bowl and mix everything together. The mixture wont appear like conventional cookie dough. You might require to use your hands to really work everything together. The egg whites must coat the coconut mixture and it will be quite sticky.

Keep in mind about vanilla: The photo above depicts pure vanilla extract. Once again for a more white appearance, use replica clear vanilla extract. See listed below image for what those will appear like. All photos following this show macaroons made with clear vanilla extract.

When they are cool, melt the chocolate and thoroughly dip the bottom of each coconut macaroon into melted chocolate. Let the excess chocolate drip off and put the cookie back on the baking sheet.

Storage Tips.

Macaroons freeze well, too, for as much as three months. Shop them in a freezer-safe container with parchment or waxed paper in between layers.

Cool the cookies entirely before saving them. Any residual heat will condense into wetness inside sealed containers and the cookies will ruin.

Let the macaroons cool on the baking sheets till they are entirely cool.

Coconut macaroons can be saved at room temperature in a firmly covered container for a couple of days. For longer storage, refrigerate them for approximately a week.

What is the distinction in between flaked coconut and shredded coconut? Both flaked and shredded coconut are processed coconut meat however their appearance is rather different due to the method they are cut.Flaked coconut is shaved into larger flat pieces that look similar to corn flakes. Flaked coconut and shredded coconut usually are not interchangeable in dishes.

Pop the cookies into the oven and set the timer for fifteen minutes. When the timer goes off, turn the sheets. That means turn them front to back and switch locations in the oven, from bottom to top. Bake the macaroons for an additional 10 minutes, or until they are lightly golden brown.

Turn the oven on to preheat and line a couple of baking sheets with parchment paper. Easy cleanup is our goal.

Frequently asked questions.

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Preparation Time: 20 minsCook Time: 25 minsTotal Time: 45 mins.

24 portions.

Instead of dipping the macaroons in chocolate, drizzle the chocolate on top of the macaroons. Another alternative is to dip a side of the macaroon in the chocolate rather of the bottom.

Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.In a medium bowl, integrate coconut, salt, flour, and sugar, breaking up any clumps of coconut.Stir in egg whites and vanilla. The macaroons ought to be about the size of a golf ball. Cool entirely on baking sheets.If preferred, melt chocolate over a double boiler or in 30 second increments in the microwave, stirring well between each increment and being careful not to overheat.If you want, dip the bottom of each macaroon in chocolate, let excess drip off, and return to parchment paper lined baking sheet to harden before saving.

This website offers approximate nutrition information for convenience and as a courtesy just. Nutrition data is gathered mainly from the USDA Food Composition Database, whenever available, or otherwise other online calculators.

According to Healthline, both coconut meat and coconut oil have lots of health benefits. If youre a fan of coconut, be sure to attempt coconut rice. Coconut is the primary component of these cookies so be sure the coconut is fresh and soft.Egg Whites: Eggs serve as the glue that sticks the coconut together. Both flaked and shredded coconut are processed coconut meat however their appearance is quite various due to the way they are cut.Flaked coconut is shaved into bigger flat pieces that look comparable to corn flakes. Flaked coconut and shredded coconut usually are not interchangeable in dishes.

Nutrition InformationServing: 1cookie, Calories: 139kcal, Carbohydrates: 17g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 8g, Saturated Fat: 6g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.1 g, Monounsaturated Fat: 1g, Trans Fat: 0.01 g, Cholesterol: 0.5 mg, Sodium: 79mg, Potassium: 111mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 12g, Vitamin A: 4IU, Calcium: 7mg, Iron: 1mg.

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Sweet and chewy coconut macaroons are simple to make and such a treat! Gown them up with a covering of rich semi-sweet chocolate.

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