Cost of Thanksgiving Meal 2022

Simply due to the fact that costs are currently up, its more likely they can go even higher as we get closer to Thanksgiving. Some items like canned or fresh cranberries may not be available the closer we get to the big day.
Share a few of the costs with friends and family. If you invite good friends and household, theres no factor you need to eat the entire expense. Instead, ask Aunt Jen to bring the Brussels Sprouts and sibling Glenn to bring some dessert pies. Not just will it take some pressure off you with preparing the feast, but it will likewise lower your overall costs of the meal.
Do not cook as much this year. In our house, we constantly cook way excessive to provide pals and household doggy bag filled with leftovers so they can make turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce over the weekend while viewing football. So maybe this year, you will cut back a little.
Get your paper items now. We are huge Costco fans, so well pick up as many items as possible, like paper towels and fizzy water, now while the supply lasts.
Get your order in as soon as possible if you purchase your turkey from a Farmers market or your regional supermarket.
And dont forget those fun products like turkey candle lights, Thanksgiving napkins, placemats, or perhaps some enjoyable salt and pepper shakers.
And do not forget the red wine. If you serve white wine with your Thanksgiving meal, why not choose up something unique like a charming Pinot Noir prior to the racks are empty?
Try to find offers, especially now. Check your regional papers to see what sales they are running now. We are not big discount coupon cutters, but this year I might begin choosing up leaflets at the local markets to see if I can discover some deals on items well need for our meal.
Image Credit – National Turkey Federation

Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal 2022

Whats Causing This Inflation?
One of the greatest reasons is turkey production is down this year, thus driving up prices. For most households, the turkey is the most expensive item in the basket.
According to the Department of Agriculture, turkeys weighing between 8 and 16 pounds will cost 25 cents per pound more this year. This year, birds weighing in at 16 to 24 pounds will cost you 21 cents more.
The other issue is the lingering impacts of Covid and what it has done to the supply chain of all goods, not simply items for Thanksgiving. Not only are food products going to be more pricey, some might be hard to find because they are in limited supply.
Some Good News
According to USDA Agricultural Marketing Service data, “the average per-pound feature rate for entire frozen turkeys was $1.11 the week of Nov. 3-9 and 95 cents the week of Nov. 10-16, a decline of 14% in simply one week; and the share of stores using feature prices rose from 29% to 60%. This indicates customers who have not yet purchased a turkey needs to have the ability to discover one at a lower cost than the Farm Bureau average.”
So What Can You Do To Minimize the Effects of Inflation and Supply Chain Problems?

Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal 2022

Picture Credit – National Turkey Federation
Could Be the Most Expensive Turkey Dinner Ever
I thought in 2015s Turkey Dinner was expensive compared to the year before, but 2022 is the priciest ever. According to the Farm Bureaus annual study, this years Thanksgiving supper for ten individuals is $64.05 or about $6.50 per person. Wow!
In 2015s average expense was $53.31, $10.74 more affordable than this years. Thats a 29% boost.
Inflation Is Driving Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Up
Whats causing the cost rise? Well, practically everything. Just one item in the survey is down this year, fresh cranberries, down.41 cents from in 2015. However, unfortunately, this will not make up for all the other products that have actually gone up.
And they are not going to be as available as in prior years. My friend in the food service company informed me some supermarkets are just getting half their orders this year.
A 14-ounce bag of cubed stuffing is up $1.59 from the year before. Thats insane too. We are discussing bread cubes with spices.
Even potatoes are more costly. A 5-pound bag of Russet potatoes, the finest for making mashed potatoes, in my opinion, is up.68 cents.

Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal 2022

What Does the American Farm Bureau Federation Say?

Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal 2022

2021 Price
2022 Price

Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal 2022

Milk, 1 gallon whole.
$ 3.30.
$ 3.84.

Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal 2022

According to the American Farm Bureau Federations 2022 annual survey, rates are up this year and by a lot. According to their survey, rates are up total 20% from in 2015. Below is a breakdown from 2021 to 2022.
How do they come up with these prices? They are the typical expenses found by a group of 230 volunteers in 38 states who went around and checked costs in numerous grocery shops.
Here is a comparison chart between in 2015 and this year.

Pumpkin pie mix, 30 oz.
$ 3.64.
$ 4.28.

Light whipping cream, 1/2 pint.
$ 1.78.
$ 2.24.

Sweet potatoes, 3 pounds.
$ 3.44.
$ 3.96.

1-pound vegetable tray (carrots and celery).

Green peas, 1 lb.
$ 1.54.
$ 1.90.

Cubed stuffing, 14 oz.
$ 2.29.
$ 3.88.

16-pound turkey.
$ 23.99.
$ 28.96.

TOTAL – Classic Dinner.
$ 64.05.

Ham, 4 pounds.
$ 10.87.
$ 11.64.

I thought last years Turkey Dinner was pricey compared to the year prior to, but 2022 is the most costly ever. Just one item in the study is down this year, fresh cranberries, down.41 cents from last year. One of the biggest reasons is turkey production is down this year, hence driving up costs. According to the American Farm Bureau Federations 2022 yearly survey, prices are up this year and by a lot. According to their study, rates are up general 20% from last year.

TOTAL – Classic + 3 Items.
$ 81.30.

Pie shells (2 ).
$ 2.91.
$ 3.68.

Misc. active ingredients.
$ 3.45.
$ 4.13.

Russet potatoes, 5 lbs.
$ 2.96.
$ 3.64.

Rolls, 12.
$ 3.05.
$ 3.73.

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Fresh cranberries, 12 oz.
$ 2.98.
$ 2.57.

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Green beans.
$ 1.58.
$ 1.97.

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