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Here at LIY, we spend a whole lot of time browsing the web for all the things. New home decoration, the latest fashion trends, charm staples, and the devices we couldnt withstand. With 8 women and distinct designs, youre sure to find one of us that you relate to!

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I have to confess, I feel like there isnt a lot that I need or desire today [I blame my impulse buying that I do all frequently on this], nevertheless, there are a few things out there that I would be excited to invest my dollars on. From a brand-new Christmas Tree for winter, a skin revitalizing face mask to experiment with, and anything else that offers the enjoyment of cozy times invested in your home, Im video game! Naturally, there are a * couple of * pieces of clothes I have my eye on which youll see, but all in all, get this lady a cocktail [with the big ice cubes, please] and Im satisfied!

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Hey gal friends, Cassidy here! I simply bought a brand-new house and am completely revamping my decor/design style! I am choosing a more timeless, classic, deep color ambiance! You will find A LOT of house goodies along with some pieces to vamp up my fall closet! I am prepared to bid farewell to summer [I know, I understand] Do finest when temperatures are under 80! I feel like total I am actually finding out my individual design which has me squashing on many things! One unique call out … the Our Place pan AND brand-new pot! I swear by the pan and absolutely require to get my hands on their latest cookware!

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Honestly, the only things I want to purchase lately are comfort and house! My style choices have gotten a lot less picky, and all I truly desire are a fantastic set of things and sneakers I can easily throw on when I require to leave the house! And this fall, I am everything about home items that will allow us to take pleasure in the outdoors more as a family! And this time of year I begin investing more energy and time into my love of cooking and baking for my friends and family!

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Hi Ladies! Im Hannah– Fashion and Design Specialist at Living in Yellow !! Fashion is a huge enthusiasm of mine and I tend to purchase more financial investment pieces that I know I will wish to use for many years. While I still buy easy clothes products, statement pieces are what actually capture my eye! And we cant forget home products! Even though weve remained in our house for almost 2 years, I havent actually streamlined our home decor. Its simply sort of a mishmash of things lol SO, discovering design that works well together and looks more cohesive is what Im currently crushing on!

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Katy here, Community Support Specialist at LIY. Other things that made it on my list are some comfy/casual fall fashion and a gown I believe is SO cute that I have my eye on to wear to a wedding Im attending soon! I believe I may need to hit checkout on a couple of (or all) of these pieces.

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Hey good friends, Claire here! Here at LIY, it ought to come as not a surprise that our shopping carts are usually half-full. And in between the cutest new fall decor for your house to comfortable closet staples, Ive got lots and lots of carts. On the other side, Im doing a bit of taking a trip [going after warmer weather wherever I can discover it!] and have a calendar packed filled with weddings, showers, and bachelorette parties. T is the season! All this to state, my wish list is eclectic at the moment [to say the extremely least!] Heres to accepting [and balancing] the hectic minutes– preferably with a glass of vino in tow!

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Lauren here, one of the groups content developers, excited to share what Im crushin hard on lately! Between working both from house and the workplace and running kids from daycare to consultations and beyond, I am trying to make sure my closet shows what I really need– comfortable, versatile pieces that work for any day! Plus I want them to look cute!

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Hey there, hi! Im Steph– Director of Operations here at Living in Yellow. Im a wife, and mom to 3 kids– ages 19, 8 and 6. House is my haven! I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, gardening, preparing style and game nights for my household and continuously switching things up in the home decor department. On my list youll see items for embellishing our recently remodeled basement in addition to some products to organize our primary restroom (my next redecorating task), and some products for unwinding in my down time.

New home decor, the latest fashion trends, beauty staples, and the devices we couldnt resist. From a new Christmas Tree for winter season, a skin rejuvenating face mask to attempt out, and anything else that provides the enjoyment of cozy times invested at house, Im game! Honestly, the only things I want to invest in lately are convenience and home! Even though weve been in our home for nearly 2 years, I have not really streamlined our home design. I love experimenting in the kitchen area, gardening, planning style and game nights for my family and constantly switching things up in the house decoration department.

Founder and creator of LIY, Erin turned her dream of a pastime blog site into a full-time profession which she now runs together with the LIY group!

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