How to save your sex-life during pregnancy – Expert Tips from Hilary Silver

The majority of people'' s sex lives modification dramatically once they are pregnant today I'' m joined by love and relationship expert Henry Silver to talk about sex during pregnancy hello Hilary it'' s so nice to have you here to talk about this of hard topic and you talk about it so honestly this is fantastic. When you'' re pregnant certainly there are lots of hormone changes, your shape changes as well and libidos are going to go up or down and I believe a lot of ladies sex won'' t be the very first thing on their program however their libidos might really go up and sensation rejection from the partners just because they'' re pregnant whether they'' re proving or not can be upsetting and can put pressure on the relationship so what would you advise to these females and is it normal that men to stop taking pleasure in sex or wanting sex even if they had a really high sex drive prior to their partners were pregnant?