Jambalaya Recipe (one pan)

Jambalaya is perfect for cold winter nights. Its warmly hot, hearty, and satisfying, just the ticket when youve been skiing, snowshoeing, or treking in the snappy cold winter season air, or perhaps simply shoveling snow.

Jambalaya Recipe (one Pan)

Why youll like it: Hurray! Its a one pan dinner so clean-up is simple.
How long it takes: about an hourEquipment youll require: big heavy pot with lidServings: 6

Jambalaya Recipe (one Pan)

Since my husband and I checked out New Orleans for a quick anniversary journey, Ive been nervous to try my hand at jambalaya. We evaluated and fine-tuned and developed a quite darn good recipe.

Jambalaya Recipe (one Pan)

Jambalaya reminds me of a number of dishes already on my site and I drew from my experience with those: sausage and rice with sweet peppers and Cuban chicken and rice. Make sure to try those dishes too since they are winners (and both are one pan meals!).

Jambalaya Recipe (one Pan)

Dish Overview

Jambalaya Recipe (one Pan)

Robust and spicy, this Cajun jambalaya dish will satisfy the meat enthusiasts in your household with andouille sausage, tender chicken, and briny shrimp.

Jambalaya Recipe (one Pan)

About This Recipe

This recipe is rather meat-heavy with shrimp, chicken, and sausage; each serving has a massive 27 grams of protein. You would think its truly abundant however a generous two cup serving is just over 600 calories. As a point of recommendation, compare that to a Big Mac with 563 calories, just for a basic burger.

Its a one pan recipe which indicates you wont spend hours tidying up. Youll require an excellent sized heavy pan with a cover. A Dutch oven is best.

I constantly hesitate to call a dish genuine. There are lots of dishes for jambalaya and it seems like every cook likes to put their own spin on it. This dish includes the ingredients that are generally found in jambalaya.

Dutch Ovens

They are perfect for slower cooking (stove or oven) since they retain the heat well. A 5 or 6 quart Dutch oven is a good size to have.

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Ill offer you an introduction of the dish right here. As constantly, search for the recipe card near the end of the post for total instructions, measurements, and nutrition details.

What youll need

Andouille Sausage: Look for smoked treated sausage that is fully cooked. Andouille sausage is a Cajun design sausage made with pork, garlic, and spices. See the FAQ listed below for alternatives. Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs: Chicken thighs hold up a little much better than chicken breasts for the longer cooking time of this recipe. Chicken breasts may be substituted but they tend to become a bit dry.Shrimp: Frozen shrimp (thawed) are great if fresh isnt readily available. Since they cook quickly and are bite-sized, I choose smaller sized shrimp for jambalaya. Cajun Seasoning: A mixture of spices and spices, Cajun spices can be rather hot or moderate, depending upon how much cayenne is added. The base of this mix is paprika. Youll be including a Bay Leaf, too.Onion, Bell Pepper, Celery: Otherwise known as the “holy trinity”, these three veggies are sautéed together and included to numerous dishes.Garlic: The recipe requires 4 cloves however the quantity can be adjusted according to your palate.Long Grain White Rice: Long grain rice works best for this recipe; short grain rice ends up being too mushy and soft.Canned Tomatoes: Crushed tomatoes have the very best texture for this meal. You dont actually want to see huge pieces of tomato in your jambalaya. Okra: Although okra is more frequently used in gumbo, lots of cooks likewise add it to jambalaya. You know me, I add veggies whenever I can so it was a no-brainer for my recipe. If you prefer a more authentic experience, you may leave okra out.Sliced Green Onions and Hot Sauce, optional garnishes

How to make it

Return the chicken and sausage to the pan. Add the broth, crushed tomatoes, and bay leaf.

Okay, times up. Now you can examine the rice. It needs to have absorbed most of the liquid. Fluff it up and examine to see if it hurts. Cover the pan and prepare it a couple of more minutes if its not.

When garlic starts to smell extremely good, include the raw rice and some Cajun flavoring.

Relax for some time while the rice cooks. This is an excellent chance to thaw out the shrimp if you havent done that already. Set the table, check your emails, clean up the kitchen, whatever.

Slice the sausage and cut the chicken into 1 inch pieces. Brown the sausage in a little oil for a couple of minutes and eliminate it from the pan.

Delight in!

What is the distinction between jambalaya and gumbo? Both meals came from Louisiana (southern United States) and are part of Creole cuisine which has French, Spanish, African, and Native American impacts. Both jambalaya and gumbo generally include okra, shellfish, and meat, in addition to celery, bell peppers, and onions. Gumbo has more of a soup or stew-like consistency, thickened with filé powder and okra, and is served with rice alongside. In comparison, rice is cooked in the same pan as the other components of jambalaya. What is the difference between jambalaya and paella? The main distinction is the nation of origin. Paella is a Spanish dish; jambalaya belongs of the Creole food of Louisiana. Paella is prepared in a special flat pan and utilizes a short grain rice called bomba; jambalaya generally is made with long grain white rice. What is a great replacement for andouille sausage? Search for a cured smoked sausage, not uncooked raw sausage. Great substitutes are Mexican chorizo (which might be a bit spicier than andouille), kielbasa (Polish sausage) or plain smoked sausage.

Season your chicken with a bit of the cajun seasoning and then brown the chicken in the exact same pan. It wont be completely cooked; you just want to get some great color on it.

I like to get all my components lined up, the veggies and meat prepped, the cans open and so on, before I start cooking. It can be a little stressful when youre chopping, measuring, and sautéing all at the very same time. Cooking must be enjoyable, not demanding.

When the rice is all set, include the shrimp and okra. They do not take long at all to cook, perhaps five minutes, depending on the size of your shrimp.

Offer whatever a great stir and bring it to a boil. Turn the heat to low, cover the pan, and let it simmer.

Now for the holy trinity: onions, peppers, and celery. Provide a great sauté in the pan.

Serve the jambalaya with chopped green onions and pass the hot sauce. Steaming wedges of buttery cornbread, corn muffins, or homemade biscuits go actually well with jambalaya. I like to serve a vinegary cucumber salad to balance the richness of the meat.

Cook and stir the veggie/rice/seasoning mixture till the rice and spices smell cozy, just a couple of minutes. Your cooking area should be smelling truly fine by now.

When the shrimp is pink and curled, your jambalaya is all set to eat. You might desire to include more salt, pepper, or even more Cajun spices.

Dont be tempted to take the cover off and stir. You want to keep all that hot steam inside since that assists prepare the rice. If you cant stand it, or if it smells like its burning or something, take the cover off as soon as, give it a peek to assure yourself, and then quick cover it back up.


When the onions turn clear (clearish), add the minced garlic and stir that for a minute.

Okay, prepared to jam? Or should I say JAMbalaya? Ha, ha.

A Pronunciation Guide

I do not want anyone to feel the least bit uneasy with unfamiliar words.
Say jambalaya like this: juhm · buh · LAI · uh.
The appropriate pronunciation of andouille is: aan · DOO · ee. While were at it, chorizo is one my mama constantly stumbles over: chr · EE · zow.

Make It Your Own

Due to the fact that there are lots of elements to this recipe, its easy to make variations. The more modifications you make, the less genuine your jambalaya will become. That being said, youre the cook which offers you every right to do what you like. Some concepts:

Eliminate one or perhaps 2 of the meats. Or, if you want a vegetarian/vegan variation, substitute crispy tofu, black beans, kidney beans, or vegan sausage.Add a lot more veggies. Expand on the onion, peppers, and celery, or include carefully diced carrots or shredded cabbage. I can see myself substituting baby spinach for the okra some day.Spice it up or spice it down. Its up to you. Toss in a pinch or 2 of red pepper flakes or a couple of jalapeños if you want to include more spice.

Make-Ahead Ideas

This recipe makes a quite big batch. The bright side is that jambalaya can be frozen for as much as 3 months. Here are a few pointers:

If you are preparing on freezing the jambalaya, omit the shrimp and include it when you reheat the jambalaya.Spread the cooked jambalaya out so it cools quickly.Store it in freezer-safe containers, ideally individually sized ones (more convenient). Its finest to thaw it over night in the refrigerator.Reheat the jambalaya in a skillet on the stove. Add the raw shrimp; it will cook extremely quickly.

Storage & & Reheating Tips

Remaining jambalaya can be covered and cooled for as much as 3 days. For best outcomes, reheat in a frying pan over medium high heat, stirring extremely regularly.

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Preparation Time: 10 minsCook Time: 1 hrTotal Time: 1 hr 10 mins

6 servings

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Nutrition InformationServing: 2cups, Calories: 619kcal, Carbohydrates: 51g, Protein: 42g, Fat: 27g, Saturated Fat: 7g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 5g, Monounsaturated Fat: 13g, Trans Fat: 0.2 g, Cholesterol: 218mg, Sodium: 1431mg, Potassium: 973mg, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 7g, Vitamin A: 1765IU, Vitamin C: 33mg, Calcium: 131mg, Iron: 4mg.

This site supplies approximate nutrition info for benefit and as a courtesy just. Nutrition data is collected primarily from the USDA Food Composition Database, whenever readily available, or otherwise other online calculators.

Serving suggestions: Cornbread or muffins, biscuits, cucumber salad, sautéed corn.
Leftover jambalaya should be refrigerated quickly. It will keep for 3 to 4 days. Describe the post for freezing guidelines.
Reheat jambalaya in a frying pan over medium high heat, stirring often..

There are numerous dishes for jambalaya and it appears like every cook likes to put their own spin on it. Okra: Although okra is more commonly used in gumbo, numerous cooks likewise add it to jambalaya. In contrast, rice is cooked in the exact same pan as the other components of jambalaya. Paella is cooked in a special flat pan and utilizes a brief grain rice called bomba; jambalaya typically is made with long grain white rice. If you are preparing on freezing the jambalaya, leave out the shrimp and add it when you reheat the jambalaya.Spread the prepared jambalaya out so it cools quickly.Store it in freezer-safe containers, ideally separately sized ones (more practical).

Robust and spicy, this Cajun jambalaya dish will satisfy the meat lovers in your household with andouille sausage, tender chicken, and briny shrimp.

As soon as hot, add the sausage and cook until browned on both sides, about 3 minutes per side. Include garlic and cook for 1 more minute or until fragrant.Add rice and remaining 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning and cook, stirring continuously, up until it smells toasted, 3 to 4 minutes.Return chicken and sausage to pan and include broth, crushed tomatoes, and bay leaf. Cover and cook for 5 to 6 minutes or up until shrimp is cooked through (cook time will depend on size of shrimp).

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