NYC bill would ban grocery apps from promising 15-minute deliveries

Grocery apps in New York City might have to tone down pledges of ultra-fast deliveries. The New York Post reports city Councilman Christopher Marte plans to present a costs that will prohibit these apps from advertising 15-minute delivery times. The estimates motivate couriers to breach traffic laws and put people at danger, Marte said.
The bill ought to be all set within the next few weeks. It would belong to a bigger legislation package dealing with grocery apps. Marte said he was pressing for costs that would offer more benefits and defenses to delivery workers, however hasnt shared more information.
The prospective law comes as competitors for quick shipments warms up in New York. Solutions like Gorillas, Fridge No More and Jokr currently boast of 15-minute delivery times, and DoorDash is piloting a similarly fast service in Manhattan. In a lot of cases, the services handle fast shipments by shopping within a little radius and using full-time employees rather of gig workers.
At least 20 people passed away in accidents connected to e-bikes in 2020. The expense will not guarantee the security of delivery workers, however it might lower the possibilities that theyll bet with their health to show up on time.All products suggested by Engadget are picked by our editorial group, independent of our moms and dad company.

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