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If you ever think that I have my life together, please recommendation this image for a precise portrayal of what my insides feel like 24/7. I believed it would be enjoyable to do a little Q&A. From serious concerns to random things you dont need to understand, but spoiler alert: will now understand.

Q: Do you have kids or are you planning to have kids?

A: Girlfriend, I wish I understood. Its a question I ask myself more times than I ought to without having a clear response. Im hoping my therapist can assist me sort this one out at some point, however for now, the clear answer is I do not understand. I want to think that yes, at some point we will, but at some point is quickly developing into me being 60 it seems like so the pressure to determine what this department in my life is going to appear like is mounting. Ill do what I constantly do when trying to make a choice if all else stops working. flip a quarter.

Q: How old are you?

A: 35! Im hoping the Botox I just recently got for the very first time freezes me here forever.

Q: What are your finest productivity tips?

A: To not ask Erin [hi, me!] for them. I swear Im a monkey born into a human body [very same amount of hair, simply a different confront with the exact same distracted brain a monkey appears to have] For me, I have actually discovered a couple of things to help me get into a concentrated state: AirPods to keep outside noises at bay, encamping a cafe, not consuming caffeine, and remaining in my pajamas and unshowered for as long as possible. The minute I have makeup on my face and real clothes on my body I wish to leave the home which generally suggests neglecting whatever it is I am “expected” to be doing and romping around Target buying unnecessary purchases that my partner likes to roll his eyes at.

Q: Favorite electric tooth brush?

A: The only kind that I have actually ever tried, this person! I ought to have known all along that I d enjoy something that vibrates in my mouth … carrying on.

Q: Did you have a task before you began LIY?

Leaving my jobs to blog full-time was one of the most emotional decisions Ive ever made. Many of the time I think it was the ideal option, some of the time I do not. I miss being someplace with people around continuously so Im still working through that change, 4 years later …

Q: Your hair has been looking shiny and so healthy– what have you been using?

My hair likewise needed some help in the damage department so I believed I d provide these a shot. I assessed my hair situation and I was surprised with the results. The hair that was harmed or broken had grown out considerably, it has felt healthier, looks shinier and well, I love my hair a lot more than I did a month earlier.

Q: Have you constantly been into shopping?

Honestly, I do not.

Q: Whats your go-to treat?

A: Chips, always chips., basically anything that I can put in my mouth that is going to crunch and has a lot of calories with absolutely no nutritional worth, that is my go-to treat.

Q: How do you balance how much you share? Does criticism scare you off from sharing things?

A: Im naturally an over-sharer of things, particularly back in the beginning days of blogging. There isnt much I keep back on talking about with people in my life and Ive apparently always saw the web that has plenty of total strangers as “individuals in my life”, so theres that. I will say over the previous couple of years I have accidentally become a more edited variation of myself online and I would have to state that much of that has to be since of criticism or worry of distressing someone, having something I say to be taken out of context, etc. As soon as felt like it was [showing up on the internet is a heck of a lot more difficult than I similar to how being a human is a lot harder so it seems] so yes, I seem like I have enjoyed my task as a blogger less than I did numerous years ago and that sucks.

Q: Where is your next journey?

A: We are traveling out East next week! Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket, Boston, Gloucester, Cliff Hills Maine, and more!

If you ever believe that I have my life together, please referral this picture for an accurate portrayal of what my withins feel like 24/7. From major questions to random things you dont need to know, but spoiler alert: will now know.

Do you have more concerns you d like to ask? Drop em in the remarks listed below and Ill get to it on our next round of Q&A. anything goes.
Founder and developer of LIY, Erin turned her imagine a hobby blog site into a full-time career which she now runs together with the LIY team! When not in front of her computer screen [with a La Croix or red wine in hand] or in front of a mirror taking mirror selfies, you can find Erin costs time on the water, snuggled up with her 2 puppies and other half more than likely seeing the most recent Shark Tank episode, or getting lost in an easy beach read.

A: Girlfriend, I wish I knew. Im hoping my therapist can help me sort this one out at some point, but for now, the clear response is I dont know. There isnt much I hold back on talking about with people in my life and Ive obviously constantly saw the internet that is complete of total complete strangers as “people in my life”, so theres that.

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