Watch Out for These Friendship Red Flags

Picture: Arts Illustrated Studios (Shutterstock)When we think about poisonous people and relationships, romantic partners, family members, and bosses tend to come to mind initially. Friends can also fall into that classification. Whether its somebody youve known for years– but youre just now understanding is manipulative– or a person youve fulfilled more just recently, individuals we think about “pals” can actually be major sources of stress and distress in our lives. But since we tend to believe of pals as being on our side, it can be tough to acknowledge when someone is doing more damage than great in our lives. This can be particularly tricky if weve understood them for a very long time, and have come to normalize their behavior, or written it off as being part of their personality. To recognize potentially hazardous friendships, pay attention to these red flags.Examples of relationship red flags Because every relationship is various, there is no standard list of red flags to be on the lookout for in every friendship. Still, there are some scenarios that are more common– and concerning– than others. Here are a few examples: You fear spending quality time with the individual, and feel even worse after you do.The relationship is one-sided, with someone making all the plans, and/or putting in all the effort to remain in touch.They reward you like their therapist– anticipating you to react and listen to all of their problems– but never have time or program interest in your life.They just reach out or imitate your good friend when they desire or require something from you.They continuously criticize you and your options in life, along with things you dont always manage, like aspects of your look, health, and your family.They typically provide you unsolicited advice and expect you to follow it– even after youve asked politely (even multiple times) not to do that.And naturally, if a good friend (or anybody else) is physically violent in any way, thats a universal red flag, and a clear indication they ought to not remain in your life.

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